Хиты: 11330

Toyota Land Cruiser limited edition

Код: xt00100-1, Артикул: артикул 1
Производитель: New York factory

Power (hp): 165
Количество дверей: 4
Привод: Передний
Трансмиссия: АКПП
Топливо: Бензин


Цена: 4 700.60 р.
5 155.00 р.
плюс доставка
Вес: 2020 Kg
Количество на складе: 5
Старая цена5 155.00 р.
Вы экономите454.40 р.

The 3 Series convertible, for the first time, is available with a 3-piece folding aluminum hardtop roof. The new convertible is also the center of many new technological advancements for BMW as well as the recipient of many existing safety and performance technologies that have been improved upon for the new model. The new 3 Series convertible improves upon BMW's "Comfort Access" option, by allowing the user to completely raise and lower the folding roof by simply pressing and holding the respective buttons on the key fob.

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